Enviroments U.E.

Here you can find all my Enviroment Projects made with Unreal Engine (All assets are my personal projects or Quixel Megascan)

3D Works

Here you can find all my 3D works made with Autodesk Maya and Adobe Subastance



Hi everyone, my name is Antonio, I'm 22 years old and I'm a 3D and environment artist.

My training journey started at Bigrock. There I learned the basics of a video game pipeline. I used software like Maya and Zbrush for the creation of the structures and characters but also the animations for them. Finally they were imported into Unreal Engine or Unity to render and complete the work. I also learned the basics of VFX on Unreal to integrate effects on the created models.
During BigRock I participated in the development of a game in collaboration with CentoUnoPercento and Yookai Games: "Project Dante"

A few months later I followed a more specific course to specialize in the game environment and I chose Escape Studios Game Art. With this path I deepened my skills: Environment Design, Lighting, Modeling and Texturing.


  • Istituto Tecnico "ITET Einaudi" Bassano del Grappa
  • BigRock Institute of Magic Technologies - Master Game 36
  • Escape Studios - Video Games Art Production

Works in Unreal Engine

Egyptian Cave

An ancient cave carved into stone. The cave dates back to the Egyptians. The road to get inside is not simple but whoever discovers it will obtain wealth, fame and power.

Ice Valley

Ice valley is considered the coldest valley in the world. It is located in northeastern Canada.  There is a lot of snow-covered flora and arctic animal species hide in the forest around the village

Day City

Welcome to DayCity, the only city in the world where it's always a party. From day to night you will always experience the same emotions. The success is guaranteed

" It is in the moment of decisions that your destiny is shaped"

Anthony Robbins