Egyptian Cave

An ancient cave carved into stone. The cave dates back to the Egyptians. The road to get inside is not simple but whoever discovers it will obtain wealth, fame and power.

autodesk maya 2024
unreal engine 5.3 
substance painter 

How I made it

I started from a concept created by Lee Fitzgerald on Artstation. Using Unreal Engine I set the blockout and the various environment changes. Below I set up all the lighting to create a dark and unstable effect. For this environment I used some Age of Egypt assets from Kitbash3D, rocks from Quixel Megascan and some assets were created by me. For example, the pharaoh's head on the walls was created with Maya and textured with Substance Painter. Another example are the pillars Created with Zbrush and textured with Painter.


Personal Opinion

Creating this environment was not very difficult. Finding ideas or asking outsiders for advice allowed me to give detail to this location. Knowing the history helps a lot especially if you are passionate about it

Antonio Gnoato